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Phoenix Rising was born out of a journey of resilience and triumph

Like the phoenix of legend, Devin Robinson overcame hardship and addiction, rose from the ashes and embraced her family's martial arts legacy, passed down from her father, starting in 2021. 

With a small dojo and a handful of students, she poured her heart and soul into teaching, determined to turn her passion into a thriving business, and share the positive effects of martial arts with her community.

Over time, her dedication bore fruit. Phoenix Rising Martial Arts outgrew its initial 1,500 square foot space, relocating to a spacious 3,500 square foot dojo in Mountain Home.


Newton's expertise in American Freestyle Kenpo Karate, with a seventh-degree black belt, is a testament to her extensive training under revered Grand Masters in the South, including her father, Grand Master Curtis Futch.

Now, Devin Robinson's transformed life and outstanding mentorship inspire over a hundred karate students in Mountain Home. Her dedication and skill have earned her the prestigious honor of being inducted as the 2023 American Freestyle Kenpo Master of the Year by the World Head of Family/Sokeship Council, a testament to her incredible journey from addiction to triumph.

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